Costa Rica: Coffee Bliss

Costa Rica: Coffee Bliss

In Costa Rica everyone is doing its part to be the most environmental country in the world; from the high government to local municipalities to large companies to coffee cooperatives, it almost seems as there is a competition on who is more environment conscious.

Costa Rica is always in the top of most environmental countries, so far this year they have gone 188 days using only renewable energy. Earlier this year the country went 75 days running only on renewal energy breaking the world record; later in the year they broke that record again going 94 days on green energy.


Last year when the government fail to ban GMOs municipalities raised to the challenge and in matter of weeks the majority of them banned GMOs.

Everyone is very serious about coexisting with nature, and nowhere is more evident than at coffee cooperatives, where thanks to pooled resources, they have install programs to grow coffee in a natural and sustainable way. The result is a product that is so pure that some so called experts call it too plain, that it lacks imperfections to give it character. But that does not discourage Costa Rican growers, they still keep growing coffee in the same environmental way. Last year the winner of the Cup of excellence in Costa Rica scored 93 points, putting it on the same level as the best coffees in the world and yet grown with the respect to nature as always.


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